Monday, February 23, 2015

Life of a homemaker

So... what do you do all day?

I'm a 32 year old housewife, without kids. This has been my life for the past five years, and before that, I spent a year being a housegirlfriend. Before that, I worked with export sales as a key account manager, and before that I worked as an executive assistant. My professional life was filled with challenges and thrilling adventures. It took me around the world and I got to experience many different cultures and I got to meet the most fascinating people. To me, I was given a lifetime of stories within the short years I was a part of the working population. But despite all that, it is my current life, as a homemaker without kids, that makes people wonder and ask questions. 

So... what do I do all day?

One answer could be, I don't do much. Which would be accurate. But another answer could be, I do what I want. Also true. I could say that I do laundry, clean, buy groceries and cook. I could continue by saying that I like shopping, love my 6 hour "lunches" and endless phone calls. But I would also want to add that I actually spend most of my time running/at the gym/doing yoga/meditating and eating organic produce. When I'm not gaming, watching tv or enjoying fast food, that is. Oh, I almost forgot, I also spend significant amount of time sewing, crocheting, drawing and tending to hummingbirds and my occasional plants. 

So many things to do... and enough time to do it! 

Maybe that's why my answers often feel so inadequate. I can't say what I do all day, because one day might look completely unlike the other. Or it might look exactly like the previous day, but not the next. 

One thing I plan to spend more time doing is blogging. So expect to see more frequent posts and expect them to be about things I care about, as well as things I enjoy, whether it be politics, running, gaming or crafts. If you're curious, maybe you'll get to know this particular homemaker and what I do all day.

(If you enjoy a narrative in pictures, you can find me on Instragram, user: scandinasian)