Monday, March 14, 2011

The Melody Festival, The Results

This year's Melody Festival has come to an end. Who won? Eric Saade. Surprise, surprise! Regardless of my personal feelings, Eric Saade is the right song to win. The jury-groups and the public agreed this time, they both voted Eric Saade as the winner.

Each year different jury-groups gets the opportunity to allocate points and their points combined makes up for 50% of the total points, the rest is decided by the public. So, to be fair, he deserved to win.

The finale show had a lot to offer. Many of the artist sounded better in the finale (with the exception of Eric Saade, who I thought was better in the elimination round). The entertainment between act were good and the the whole show was very well-produced.

I only had two complaints. SVT (public service tv and producer of the program) really needs to look over its bandwidth. The first half of the program was more or less impossible to watch. All the buffering was beyond annoying! Secondly, the dancers in the introduction performance wore Onepieces!!! I blogged about this specific garment a few months back, and I refuse to accept that they are fashionable (read my December post: "Fashion forward? Or fashion awkward?)!

My favorite in the finale was Swingfly. The act was even better this time, thanks to Christoffer Hiding. He held it together a lot better the second time around and he carried his voice better. I knew from the start that Swingfly wouldn't win the competition, but I was pleasantly surprised that the Swedish people ranked them as number 4 (even thought the total points placed them as number 5). It was a surprise that Danny Saucedo came in number 2, after Eric Saade. I thought that Eric Saade would steal most of Danny Saucedo's votes, but apparently there are more than enough fans to support both pretty boys doing club-hits. Another nice surprise was that The Moniker came in 3rd place, placing higher than both the songs that won his elimination round.

I know it's not nice to laugh at other's misery, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't ecstatic about Brolle finishing last. Sara Varga came in 9th place which was also pleasing.

All in all, it's been fun! Many highs and many lows, but most importantly there has been a lot of opinions and emotions. I can't wait until next year! But before then, we have a Eurovision Songcontest to look forward to. On May 14th (9 PM CET), all of Europe will be engaged in a friendly, but serious, competition. Even though Eric Saade wasn't my favorite, I will cross all my fingers that he will do well and that Sweden will, once again, be a force to be reckoned with. I will, of course, write about the event when time comes. Until then, I will summarize the Swedish Melody Festival 2011 as follows:

The 3 worst things in this year's Melody Festival has been...

... the host and hostess. I've always thought it to be an honor to host the Melody Festival, but I refuse to believe that Marie and Rikard were the top choices for this year's competition!
... Christer Sjögren doing David Bowie's "Life on Mars". I liked the idea to have famous artist do songs and performances out of their normal comfort zone, but this was way below par. There must be a multitude of artists out there who would dare to losen up more and who wouldn't take themselves to fricking seriously!
... the elimination of Christian Walz. I still don't understand how it happened. I've watched the Melody Festival every week with another Eurovision fan, and she has heard me complain about the loss of Christian Walz every week since his elimination. I might never get over it!

The 3 best things in this year's Melody Festival has been...

... Swingfly. Thank you for making me dance.
... The Moniker. Thank you for making me smile.
... Christian Walz. Thank you.

As a final remark, I will leave you with my favorite song and artist this year. Enjoy!

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