Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Genie in a bottle

If a genie would grant you three wishes, what would you wish for? I bet many would wish for money, success and happiness. I don't. All of that can already be achieved. I'm not saying it's easy to become rich or successful and being happy might sound trivial but it's also something lost in a whole lot of people. Nevertheless, they are all things that can become a reality to some degree.

Obviously, if I was starving and living on the street, I would probably wish for money, shelter and health, so I'm not denying that the three wishes are closely tied to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. But given who and where I am right now, my three wishes would be as follows:

Teleportation: I wish I could teleport. This is, hands down, my biggest wish. If I was only granted one wish, this would be the one. This ability would give me endless possibilities. I could have breakfast with my family in Taiwan, have lunch with my friends in Sweden, have dinner with my South African friends and still have time to catch a movie with my hubby before going to bed. I wouldn't miss out on birthdays, weddings, babies and I would be able to give my loved ones a hug whenever they, or I, needed one.

Endless eating: I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted without it effecting my appearance or health. It would be totally awesome! My stomach rumbles just thinking about it!

Manipulate the experience of time: This wish has nothing to do with time travel. I don't believe in living in the past, how wonderful it might have been. What's past is past and it's no longer our reality. And I don't want to know the future, it would be like knowing every intricate detail of a plot before watching a movie. I don't even want to alter time, merely alter my own perception and experience of time. Time always flies when you have fun, and it's a pity. It would be great if time slowed down so one could have more time to enjoy it. Time can be a real drag when one is bored. It would be great if boredom made time fly. I'm very seldom bored, but I HATE standing in line. But I'm sure I wouldn't mind it as much if 45 min waiting to catch a cable cart only felt like a minute or two.

These are my three wishes. Now, if only I could find that genie...

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