Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas, Turning 30 etc.

Let me start by wishing you Happy Holidays! Christmas is upon us. And as with every December, people are busy, busy, busy. So I will keep this short.

A few days ago, I turned 30. I feel that I should say something profound, or at least something thoughtful. But I'm not sure there is a whole lot to say. It is true that you only turn 30 once, but isn't that true for every birthday? Let me mark the occasion by looking back at the first decade I remember fully.

2003, 20: Heartbreak
2004, 21: Met the love of my life
2005, 22: Graduated University of Birmingham
2006, 23: First real job
2007, 24: Lots of travelling (work and weekly commute)
2008, 25: Moved to the US
2009, 26: Got married
2010, 27: First time car owner
2011, 28: Lost 50 lbs
2012, 29: Ran a marathon
30: ?

Am I where I thought I would be at 30? Did 20 year old me think that I would be a homemaker in US, wearing a size small and running marathons? Absolutely not! Am I happy I am? Absolutely yes! I enjoyed my 20s, as I will enjoy my 30s. It's one of the perks of being easily entertained, I enjoy pretty much anything. I will admit that I don't necessarily enjoy planning, so I don't do much of it, which works out for me. It makes new situations intriguing rather deviations from "the plan".

Ok... writing about Christmas, check! Turning 30, check! Etc?

What's the etc? While I'm curious to see what my 30s bring me, I'm not sure how much of it I will get to enjoy. You see, I'm about to freeze to death! I'm so frigging cold! I freeze everyday, at all times, regardless of what I do or what I wear. The last five(!) times I've been out shopping, I've come home with Smartwool, Merino wool, cashmere, down jacket, ski-socks and turtlenecks. And Heat-tech from Uniqlo. If I layer three layers of heat-tech and wool it becomes bearable, and that's just for sitting in my apartment. We've all heard that fat is a good insulator, but let me tell you, fat is an amazing insulator. I'm by no means eager to pile on the 50 lbs I've lost, but did I use to freeze this much. NO!

And on that note, I'll conclude my unorthodox holiday letter. Again, I wish you Happy Holidays. Love. Be loved. And stay warm.

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