Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belly Dancing

This Monday i started belly dancing. I'm loving it! I've only been to one lesson this far, but I can't wait till next time. The instructor is fabulous, the other belly dancers seem nice, the music is exotic and I love the sound of the coin belt.

One thing came as a surprise. Belly dancing is not as much belly dancing as it is hip dancing. And clearly my hips are not used to "pop" the way they are suppose to when belly dancing. I was incredibly sore after the class, but even more so the morning after. I waggled like an old lady in need of a hip replacement. It's always interesting to discover muscles you didn't know you had.

But regardless of the pain, it was great. I've taken quite a few dance classes in my life. Unfortunately, many of them have felt pretentious and for the already devoted. It's like having to be in great shape to fit in at a gym. But not this belly dancing class. Before I signed up I read the class description and it said it was for "all levels of fitness, all ages and all sizes". And it truly was. My class consists of women of "all levels of fitness, all ages and all sizes" celebrating the love of dance and the pride in our own bodies and abilities.

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