Friday, September 10, 2010

Doctor's orders

Lately I've watched quite a few episodes of "The Dr. Oz show" and "The Doctors". Both these programs highlight topics and issues concerning health. Sometimes it's about diet and exercise, sometimes about deceases and sicknesses and sometimes it's about more superficial things such as beauty and "rejuvenating procedures". At the end of each episode of "The Dr. Oz show" and "The Doctors" they will give you an advise or a "Doctor's orders" on how you can improve various aspect of your life and health.

Great! I'm given short and concise advise on how I can improve my life. Two small improvements a day... 10 improvements a week... about 40 improvements a month... Some of the things I'm suppose to do everyday, some things I'm suppose to do often and some things just once in a while. It has taken me about 3 weeks of watching, more or less, every episode to become confused, slightly anxious and totally exhausted. I've never been a hypochondriac but I'm thinking it's easier than following all the "Doctor's orders".

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