Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Melody Festival 2011, part 1, The results

Wow, the Melody Festival definitely had a few surprises. First thing first, I have to comment on the hostess, Marie Serneholt, and the host, Rickard Olsson. I don't have particularly strong opinions about him. Sure, he is mediocre and boring, but I couldn't keep my focus off Marie Serneholt. I can't stand her!!! Sure she is pretty, but she's such a fake. There is nothing genuine about her. Every flick of the hair and every smile is rehearsed. I can't stand people who are solely preoccupied with their looks and superficial image. Yuks!

The shows between acts were ok. Not brilliant, but I didn't mind them either. Peter Stormare is doing a few sketches this year, but I have to say Dolph Lundgren did a better job last year, even though Peter Stormare is a waaaay better professional actor. One thing that stood out was Nanne Grönwall. She is a great icon for the Melody Festival and she seems like such a sweetheart, but her English pronunciation was questionable. She usually sings in Swedish but she performed Whitney Houston's "I have nothing". She should stick to singing in Swedish in the future.

Now a short summary of each performance.

Dilba: Her voice was unbearably weak. Instead of using her strength, which is her voice, she chose to do a club song that could have been produced using any half decent voice. Very disappointed! Apparently I wasn't the only one. She came in last.

Swingfly: Yeah! I really liked this one! My favorite of the night. It's always nice to see a solid performance by a solid artist. He delivered what I expected and it wasn't a watered down version of himself, but a good representation. I'm also happy to say that they went straight through to the finale. Cudos to the Swedish public who voted on good music, even though it's not a "traditional" Eurovision song. The only remark I have is the performance of Swingfly's guest singer. He's name is Christoffer Hiding and known from Swedish Idol 2007. His voice is quite nice but I think he was a bit over-excited and it would do his singing some good if he just calmed down a little.

Jenny Silver: This was a one of the surprises I mentioned. In my previous post I wrote that I didn't really appreciate her last year. It was a bit too alternative. This year she was not alternative at all! Having her song written by one of the biggest names in the Melody Festival's history she ended up with a very catchy and main-stream song. It was done sooo according to the Melody Festival recipe that it turned boring. They did however end up going to the Second chance, so they will fight for another chance to go to the finale. I'm sure there are some Eurovision traditionalist who are really upset about her not qualifying directly, but honestly, haven't we heard this song a million times before?

Jonas Matsson: You could tell that this was the most inexperienced artist. He did a better job than last year's web-joker, but that doesn't mean he did a good job. His voice was shaky and the performance was uneven. He also suffers from the same syndrome as the hostess, Marie Serneholt. He tries too hard to be the good looking guy. In high-school, I'm sure he was the cool kid everyone wanted to be around, but maybe it's time to grow up and prove you have talent before you get yourself an unpleasant attitude. He came in 7th.

Le Kid: Pink Bubble-gum! That's all I have to say, really. I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't qualify from this round, I would have wanted to see them perform again. Not that I necessarily think this is great music, but they made me smile and they turned my world pink for a few minutes. And it was better and more exciting than both the songs that made it to the Second Chance. But, in the end of the day, they were not my favorites so the outcome of things doesn't really matter.

Rasmus Viberg: Another surprise! Not the expected pop-punk at all! This was a folky pop-balled? He did a far better job at performing than Jonas Matsson. The song wasn't offensive but it wasn't great. I'm sure I'll be singing along to it in the future, but I'm not disappointed or surprised that they ended up 6th.

Pernilla Andersson: She has a great voice, the performance was solid and it all sounded good, however, I don't like this genre of music. I love a good singer-songwriter, but I can't stand it when it goes country. So, in the end of the day, the package can be really professional and beautiful, but if you don't like the content you will not want to see it again. I did however suspect that she would end up qualifying beyond this round and she did. She was given a Second Chance.

Danny: The elimination round's winner! No surprise, at all. I'm pretty sure he could stand on stage in silence and still qualify for the finale. The song was ok and I will enjoy partying or/and working out to it in the future. Somewhat generic and very heavily influenced by Justin Timberlake and Usher. Even though the song could have been edgier the performance was top notch! Danny can sing, dance and deliver.

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