Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Melody Festival 2011, part 2, The results

What?!? It can't be true!! I'm so disappointed...

Yet another qualification round has ended and it was an utter disaster! My beloved Melody Festival left me sad, angry and confused. This is not the way it's suppose to be!

Let me start at the beginning:

Brolle: He went straight through to the finale. I don't understand why. Sure, he has a good voice, but the song was terrible! During the performance, two other artists names kept popping up in my head, Christer Sjögren and Jerry Williams. For those of you who don't know who these gentlemen are, let me assure you, if you are in your late 20s, you don't want to be compared to these seniors who are dated and way passed their expiration date. I thought the whole ordeal was really sad and it made me really sad that the Swedish people voted him into the finale.

Loreen: Ok club song, good and stable voice but the outfit was terrible! I wanted this to be good and it was ok. Not offensive and I know I will listen to it again in the future. She was good enough to qualify to the Second Chance, which I'm not necessarily happy about but I don't mind it either.

Babsan: If nothing else, Babsan made me smile. It was fun and oh so pink but unfortunately her voice was not good at all. The chorus was acceptable but in general it was pretty bad. I can't but to like her character, but in the end of the day this is a song competition and she's far from being the best. Come to think of it, she's not even close to being as good as previous year's drag-queen artists. She came in 7th.

Elisabeth Andreassen: What happened here? This was terrible! She sounded awful. Maybe being one of the most merited artist in Eurovision history, she has lost her ability to be self-critical. She really should retire. Honestly, I can't remember too much about the song, I think is was a typical Eurovision ballad. However, she (her voice) is not equipped enough to pull this off. At more than one occasion I found myself crinching. Thankfully, the Swedish people agreed with me. She came in last and it was well deserved.

Sanna Nielsen: Again, utter disappointment. Sure, she sounded good and I've always liked her, she seems really nice. The song and performance was very solid and Eurovision appropriate. She was the winner of the night and made her way straight to the finale and I don't really mind that. So, where lies my disappointment? I was soooooooo unbelievably bored! Yawn! Wake me up when this is done with. It's also extra disappointing when you have high hopes. She actually delivered something along the lines of what I expected, and maybe it's my own fault. I should stop hoping and believing that people evolve.

The Moniker: This turned out to be quite the surprise. When the song started I got worried. It was very spaced out and reminded me of Thomas Di Leva (I'm not even going to attempt to explain who that is). But the song rapidly grew on me. This turned out to be the second time I felt happy during the evening. Daniel Karlsson, aka "The Moniker", really seemed to enjoy himself and that always helps. I look forward to playing this song in my car, one sunny day and feeling happy about pretty much anything. I also look forward to seeing him again in the Second Chance.

Anniela: Hm... I don't know what to write... Definitely not a favorite but it wasn't offensive either. It was fun to see a dance hit sang in Swedish without it didn't turning corny or stupid (I have issues with songs like Boten Anna). But it wasn't great. She ended up 6th and I think that made her justice.

Christian Walz: Now I'm going to start crying again. Up until the last performance I was very disappointed and frustrated that I hadn't heard a single good song. I had high expectations on Christian Walz to begin with, and with the addition of the previous disappointments, I ended up putting all my eggs in one basket. As they played the intro to his song I felt hopeful and terrified at the same time. Would he fail me too? I could soon relax. I might have put all my eggs in one basket but what a wonderful basket it turned out to be! I absolutely LOVED this song. It felt lika a big musical embrace. I couldn't get enough. But with the excitement came the anxiety. What if this piece of musical heaven wouldn't make it through this elimination round? By the end of the evening both excitement and anxiety had subsided and been replaced with shock and dispair. He didn't make it. He came in 5th. He was eliminated. For a second I cursed the Melody Festival and Eurovision Song Contest. But as a faithful fan, I took it back. Maybe there is still hope. There still is half of the contestants left. I refuse to stop hoping! Who knows, maybe Eric Saade will blow my socks off!

As for the rest of the show, Marie and Richard introduction was way too long and out of context. Was it just me, or was Marie the "perfect" Barbie? I don't like Christer Sjögren but was intrigued to see him transformed into a Glam-rocker. Surprise, surprise, I was disappointed yet again! It's not enough to paint a grey lightning-bolt on your cheek if you're going to channel David Bowie. Lighten up, for crying out loud! Loose the grey suite and your country moves. Thank you, Christer Sjögren, for ruining "Life on Mars".

In summary: Christian Walz shouldn't get a second chance to go to the finale, but the Swedish people should get a second chance to vote him in again.

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