Monday, January 30, 2012

After a year of sweating...

Woohoo, I've made it! A whole year! Today, exactly 365 days ago, I ventured into the world of exercise. Countless of hours, sore muscles and gallons of sweat later, I'm still standing, taller and stronger than ever before.

But this blog post is not just about me boasting about my success, even though I'm very proud of my achievements. It's about how sticking to one single decision can change a life. It might sound cheesy, but I'm dead serious. And it's not so much a cliché as it is a modification of a cliché.

You have probably heard it a million times (in all aspects of life) "you just need to make a decision". But is that the whole truth? There are millions of people around the world who make the decision to live a healthier life... every Monday. The challenge is sticking to your decision, not just to make it.

It's January and the gym is PACKED! Some faces I know, from seeing them every week. Some faces I recognize from January/February last year. Many faces are completely new. You can recognize the beginners by the look of pain in their faces. I know it's an up-hill struggle, believe me, I can relate. But once you're up the hill, you get to enjoy the view and the view can be spectacular.

What I really want to say, to those new to exercise, is "hang in there". Tough it out! But most of all, be patient. It will get easier. And before you know it, you will be the one surprised by your own reflection. I didn't suffer through any diets, I've eaten healthier and smaller portions but not deprived myself of anything. I can proudly say I've lost 8 inches (20 cm) around my waist and 35lb (16 kg) since January last year. As a final note, here are pictures taken from my vacations to Thailand and Mexico, exactly one year apart.

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