Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waste of waist!

It's January 18th. So far, this year, I've spent about 20 hours at different shopping malls and outlets, actively shopping and looking for cloths. Am I a shopaholic? I wish! Let's look at what I've bought...

2 pairs of running tights
3 bras
2 panties
2 sweaters
1 shirt
2 t-shirts
1 pair of leggings
1 dress

A grand total of 14 pieces of clothing. If I remove the garments I bought out of necessity, such as underwear and replacement t-shirt and tights, I have bought 5 pieces of clothing out of enjoyment. So, it has taken me about 4 hours of searching to find each piece.

One of my pet peeves has always been people with nice bodies who doesn't dress "properly". If you have the goods, why not be proud of it. I'm not saying you should flaunt it, but if you have a nice body, most cloths will fit so why not buy appropriate sizes? I used to dream about the cloth I would wear if I weighed less.

Almost a year ago, I begun my own transformation, from being overweight to being smaller. My goal was to be able to walk into any store and have most of the medium sizes fit me. And when I reached my goal, I would reward myself with a new wardrobe.

Well, I've reached my goal. Actually, I reached beyond my goal. Now I fit in some mediums and some smalls. More or less everything I try on fits nicely. Have I treated myself to a new wardrobe? Nope. I have certainly tried, but it's been very difficult. I don't mean to sound like spoiled brat and I realize this may sound like a stupid problem, but I don't know how to dress the new me.

Last time I was this size, I was 13 years old. Obviously, it was a long time ago and there are very many reasons why I shouldn't be inspired by my 13 year old self.

Don't get me wrong, I have bought some new cloths, but only out of necessity, when I absolutely had to and not because I have found a million things I look great in. Trust me, when you're underwear is a couple of sizes too big, it's a sign your wardrobe has shrunk to a smaller size and it's time to buy some new cloths.

So, until I figure myself out, I will buy what I need to buy. Other than that, I will probably stick to my current re-invention of my style, belting and tying my old size 14 cloths. I've quickly turned into my own pet peeve. What a waste of waist!

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