Friday, March 9, 2012

The Melody Festival 2012, The Finale

May I have your attention? It's time, its finally here, what we've all been waiting for... drum roll, please... The Grand Finale of the Melody Festival 2012!!!

The journey began six short weeks ago. Within a day we will arrive at our destination and we will crown the winner of this year's Melody Festival and Sweden's representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

This year's finale promises to deliver some great performances, some unique experiences and an outcome that might surprise. These 10 artist are about to enter their final battle, and one will win it all. If you want to know more about the artist, please refer to my previous blog posts. If you follow the link attached to each artist, you will be able to see their performance from the elimination rounds.

David Lindgren: The young and charming artist, with a background in musical theatre. He qualified from elimination round 2.

Torsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern: The unpredictable and sometimes unstable, yet very respected stage actor who made his way to the finale from elimination round 1, via The Second Chance.

Dead By April: The Metalcore band who was the first artist to introduce "growling" to the Melody Festival. They qualified to the finale from elimination round 1.

Lisa Miskovsky: The unlikely participant in the Melody Festival who has wowed the public over the past decade with her own work, and work she has done for others. She qualified through elimination round 4.

Top Cats: The Rockabilly band that made their way to the finale from elimination round 2, via The Second Chance.

Loreen: The Swedish Idol 2004 alumni who is best known for her success in last year's Melody Festival. She qualified from elimination round 1.

Ulrik Munther: The 18 year old who wowed the public with a song his co-wrote. He made his way to the finale through elimination round 2.

Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li: The award winning author who enlisted Sara Li to help bring his music poetry to life. He made it through elimination round 3 and landed a place in the finale.

Molly Sandén: The former blond who had her heart broken, went brunette and performed a song in elimination round 3 that earned her a spot in the finale.

Danny Saucedo: The Swedish Idol 2006 alumni who was first runner-up in last year's Melody Festival. He qualified through elimination round 4.

There are several interesting artists in this year's finale. The general feeling is that the winner will be either Loreen or Danny Saucedo. Fingers crossed, it will not be Danny. I have nothing against Danny, but it would be refreshing to send something different to Eurovision Song Contest. If we send Danny, it would be like sending a blond copy of last year's representative, Eric Saade. Also, I would prefer to send an artist who can actually sing.

I would be proud if we crowned Loreen the winner. She has an amazing voice, great stage presence and she's offering something unique. Having said that, she is not my favorite artist this year, at least not my favorite piece of music. I absolutely love Lisa Miskovsky, her performance and song. Solely based on musicality, she is, hands down, my favorite. But this competition is not just about musicality, it's a competition and it's about making an instant impact, it's the Melody Festival. So, my favorite to win the competition is Loreen.

I'm dreading to see Torsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern as well as Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li again. I don't feel that they are real threats to win the competition, even though I expect them to do pretty well. Another artist that might to well is Molly Sandén. I'm also curious to see how Dead By April will hold up against the competition.

As I said before, this year's finale has the potential to be very exciting. Personally, I can't wait. With the champagne chilled, pink dress picked out and the feather boa ready to go, I'm prepared. If you want to join me in the celebration, you will be able to catch the show live, Saturday, March 10, at 8 pm (CET):

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