Friday, March 2, 2012

The Melody Festival 2012, The Second Chance

We have heard all the songs and we're almost at the finish line. Only one week stands between now and the grand finale. The only obstacle left is a little something called "The Second Chance". During the past four elimination rounds, the two songs that received most votes each week were sent straight through to the finale. The second and third runner up were given a second chance at grabbing one of the coveted tickets to the finale. All the second and third runner ups will battle it out on Saturday and the two winners from this round will be invited back to compete in the finale.

How will the winners be determined? By winning a series of duels. By random lottery, the artist have been divided into two tournament schedules and will be pitched against each other in head-to-head duels. The last two performers standing will stay in the competition for the final week. As I have already written about the individual artist over the past weeks, I will stick to only writing about the actual duels.

Duel 1 (group A), Dynazty vs. Tom Cats
There is no question about who I would like to see win the duel. I really liked Dynazty and I really had an issue with Tom Cats. However, there is no knowing the outcome. Both genres (90s Metal and Rockabilly) have a strong and loyal audience. Let's see who's fans watch and vote in the Melody festival.

Duel 2 (group A), Andreas Johnsson vs. Timoteij
Can't say I care for any of them, and I don't really have an opinion about who should win or loose. But if I had to, I would bet my money on Timoteij winning this duel. I'm afraid Andreas Johnsson has already peaked in his career, at least regarding the Melody Festival.

Duel 3 (group B), Torsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkester vs. Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren
This is the best news of the night. I got really excited when I found out about this duel. After they battle, one of them will be gone, forever! My nightmare would be to see both Torsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern as well as Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren in the finale. Now I know that can't happen. Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren will probably win this duel, but I don't care either way.

Duel 4 (group B), Sean Banan vs. Youngblood
The last and final duel. They target about the same audience, the very young audience. Sean Banan is a likable and funny character while Youngblood is a cutesy boy-band. Outside their primary target group, my generation is likely to prefere funny over prepubescent boys. However, my parents generation is likely to prefere clean cut young adults over humor they can't understand. My fingers are crossed that Sean Banan will advance to the next round, and I suspect I might get my way.

There is no point in writing about every possible duel combination beyond the first round. But what I can do is to tell you who I would like to see advance from this week. I hope to see Dynazty and Sean Banan in the finale. I'm very curious to see how things will turn out. Not that any of my favorites this year is in any danger or even competing in this round, but I just can't help but to care.

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