Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gaming consoles

It all begun in 2007. Back then I was commuting every week between Trelleborg and Göteborg, a commute that took 5-3 hours each way, depending on mode of transport. I was usually on the train about 4 hours every Friday and Sunday. To assist me in my travels, my husband bought me a Nintendo DS. This was my introduction to gaming. I never gamed as a child, not because I wasn't given the opportunity, but because I wasn't interested (and because I'm a REALLY poor loser).

About 5 months later, I bought a Nintendo Wii for my husband's 30th birthday. Perfect! I had one portable gaming device just for me and we had a gaming console we could use together. We enjoyed it immensely and we played it frequently.

About another 6 month later we bought our first Playstation 3. It was mostly because my husband wanted one and at first I found the PS3 games somewhat intimidating (with the exception of Singstar). So he had our PS3 in our Göteborg apartment while I moved the Nintendo Wii to the apartment where I stayed during the weeks.

In 2008 we moved to the US. We sold the consoles we had in Sweden and we bought new ones when we arrived the US. We bought our tv and our gaming consoles within weeks of arriving while we didn't get a bed until two month later (yes, we slept on our bedroom floor).

After playing Little Big Planet I warmed up to the PS3 and my first completed game I ever played by my self was Grand Theft Auto 4, which is still my all time favorite game. The PS3 and the Nintendo Wii lived happily next to each other. We played Nintendo Wii together and the PS3 individually. Sure, we play Wii Fit individually and we've played a few co-op games on our PS3, but this is, pretty much, still how we do things. However, about a month ago something changed.

Enter Playstation Move. Playstation Move gives you the same freedom to mimic the actual actions as Nintendo Wii does. It includes a camera, new hand remotes and a Playstation Move sports game. It covered pretty much the same sports as Wii Sports so it was difficult not to compare. Wii sports has a whole lot more sports, but the PS3 itself is a stronger console so the games are better looking and more complex and with the camera, the remotes are more sensitive. The only thing I miss in the PS3 version is the ability to create your own avatar. Without going into detail, the verdict is pretty obvious. Since we got Playstation Move, we haven't touched the Nintendo Wii.

I predict that we will eventually go back to using the Wii, but only when we want to play games that require the balance board. But regardless of what, I will continue to support Nintendo. My Nintendo DS is not retiring any time soon.

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