Friday, October 29, 2010

Singing (or sleeping?) in the rain

Some people are good at sports and some are good at singing. Some are good at maths and some are good at painting. My skill is not at all impressive, but very useful. I'm really good at sleeping.

I can sleep pretty much any where at any time. I've slept in a banged up taxi in India (during rush hour) and I've slept standing against a wall at a night club (no, I wasn't drunk). I especially love sleeping while being transported. My personal record is 12 hours straight in a car. I even sleep well when flying. I've done 8 hour sleeps on several intercontinental flights.

But a few days ago, I tried something new. I fell asleep at a music festival. While I have done that many times before this time was different. It was pouring rain. But I felt tired and it was between acts so I laid down on our vinyl table cloth I brought to sit on, pulled up the zipper, pulled down the hood and took a nap. A 10 minute power nap was exactly what I needed and I woke up just in time for the next performer. As I said, it's not an impressive skill but it really is useful.

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