Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bag-crazies, show yourself!

Every single time! Without exceptions! Why do people need to stand right up against the conveyor belt at the airport baggage claim?!? You have all seen it, all these people, with their baggage carts waiting for their luggage. They are stressed and pushy and it's like they believe their bag will arrive sooner if they just stare a little harder at the conveyor belt. I like to call these people bag-crazies.

I've complained about this in my own mind a million times but also to pretty much every single person I've travelled with. I've also over-heard other people complaining about the same thing. The fact is, I haven't met a single person who has defended or explained the behavior. So, if everybody agrees that people are insane at the baggage claim, who are the insane people. Is it only a coincidence that everyone I've talked to and heard are like-minded or are they closeted bag-crazies? Is it in fact a dogma that you shouldn't crowd the conveyor belt so the people who do it do it behind the society's back?

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