Friday, January 7, 2011

Phuket, Patong and Bangla Road

It's surprising how much fine sand and salt fells alike. I'm not quite sure what I'm all covered in, but I definitely brought some souvenirs from Koh Phi Phi.

Today we left the quiet island life of Phi Phi and arrived in the far more busy island life of Phuket. Phuket has been and is a favorite tourist destination for many Swedes and party people. We figures we should, at least, experience some of that while we're here. And if you're going to do something you should do it right! So, here we are, at our hotel on Patong Beach, just one block of Bangla Road. If you don't know what this entails, let me sum it up for you. Our guidebook has a page about Patong Beach. "It's the most exploited beach on Phuket". Another article about Thailand called Bangla road "the craziest party road in Thailand". I'll do some field research and get back to you regarding these statements.

But one must prepare for field research of this kind. One can not just jump in, head first. After battling language difficulties, difficult people and being herded like cattle, we arrived at our hotel. After some more language difficulties, difficult people and being treated like cattle, we finally arrived in our room. There is only one cure (or so they say) for such exhaustion. Spa-treatments! So we pampered ourselves with a 120 min spa-package which included a body scrub (I will be finding coffee grains EVERYWHERE for a while), Thai & Aroma massage (not as painful this time), a facial (at least 5 creams and a mask) and sauna (I never thought I would find myself in a sauna in Thailand).

Now we're ready to take on the city. And if the city wins, we can always return to the spa tomorrow!

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