Sunday, January 9, 2011

From island, to island, to island

Greetings from Koh Phangan!

Yesterday we left the busy streets of Patong beach for our final island destination, Koh Phangan. Our stay in Phuket was as crazy as we anticipated. We lived just a block away from Bangla road and we now know what it has to offer!

We were lucky enough to have our own guide, an old Swedish friend we haven't seen for over 7 years. He has managed restaurants in Phuket for the past 5 years. He really gave us the grand tour. Given that we only had two nights we saw alot! We drank drinks, had a "fish pedicure", where you let fish eat the dead skin off your feet (it was quite the experience),visited bars, saw Swedish people, ate Swedish "Lovbiff" at Mamma Mia and observed tons of "working women". We also experienced things I'm not really going to write about... :)

After two insane nights at Patong beach, we were more than ready to head to our next destination, a five star spa resort on Koh Phangan. A crazy taxi ride, a short flight, a short taxi ride, a wonderful boat ride, an absolutely insane minibuss ride, a four-wheel drive pickup truck and a golf-cart ride later, we arrived at our hotel. The minibus transfer was among the craziest rides I've ever had in my entire life. You know how you can ride jeeps on rough terrain for kicks, imagine doing that in a rusty minibus! The fact that our hotel is so remote than the minibus couldn't make it up the mountain just added to the insanity.

About 10 hours later (the flight from island to island only took 55 min) we had the keys to our suite. We have enjoyed everyting we have done this far, but we had really looked forward to this hotel. It was our luxury splurge. The room is amazing!!! We have a nice patio overlooking lush mountains, a big livingroom, huuuge bathroom with an outdoor shower and a bedroom with amazing views and morning sun. Add a private infinity pool and ocean views from every room, including the bathroom, and that's our suite. It's a little piece of heaven!

The hotel itself is gorgeous. The hotel grounds are vast and covers one face of a mountain. We live as far on top as you possibly can. They have a wooden tuk-tuk that drives the guests around the grounds and it takes us about 5 min to get from our room to the reception.

Today I started the day by taking a swin in our private pool. After a long nice shower I and Theres took the tuk-tuk to the breakfast buffee and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. My meassure for a great breakfast buffe is if they have a omelette station or not. They did. And a million other things.

With a stomach full of goodies, we are now down at the beach next to our hotel. We are about to have a mani-pedi and some massage before returning to our suite. There is no question that we are living the easy life, and my goodness is it easy to live!

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