Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tears in the sun

Today is a sad day. The sun is shining and the easy life of Thailand continues, but it's still a sad day. Today I said good-bye to my BFF, Theres. She left for Sweden today and our journey together came to an end.

The fact that we only get to meet each other about twice a year makes every good-bye equally heart-wrenching. I cried like a child when we hugged each other good-bye.

The last few days in Thailand were great. We lived like queens on Koh Phangan and we made sure to use all the hotel's facilities to the best of our ability. We left Koh Phangan yesterday and took a boat ride and a bus ride to Hua-Hin, where my parents met us with open arms. After being properly chaperoned by my parents and installed in our hotel room, we had a quick swim, a drink and a delicious dinner together. After I and Theres returned to our room it was time for her to pack and for us to go to bed.

We didn't talked about it, but I'm sure we were both thinking about it. We were about to say good-bye. At one point I think we tried to turn it into a joke but it's no joke. It's just as hard as the first time we said good-bye when I moved to England about 8,5 years ago. You see, we've had a long-distance relationship for quite some time. But you never get use to it. On the contrary, you quickly get use to having each other around, even if you're "only" travelling together for 10 days.

I'm about to cry again. I better go brush my teeth and put myself to bed. Today the countdown begins. I will miss Theres everyday until we see each other again.

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