Friday, December 10, 2010


I've been back in Sweden one week. This week has been absolutely amazing. You know it's great seeing the friends you've missed, but you don't feel how great it is until you get to wrap your arms around them. I've wrapped my arms around several of my friends during the past week and it's been wonderful!

I'm used to missing my best friend, Theres, everyday. But since I've been back I've seen her 5 days out of 7. I've had lunches, coffees and dinners with the greatest people in the world. My parents have spoilt me rotten. And I still haven't met all the people I want to meet and I still have quite a few days to spend in Sweden. I can't wait!

Trust me, I'm fully aware of the overuse of superlatives. But I think this is an attempt to put my feelings into words. I'm afraid I'm failing miserably. I'm feeling so much that I need to express it in any way that I can, otherwise I will burst!

Ok, I will stop rambling now.

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