Monday, December 13, 2010

The weight of the world

Fitness Expo. Not generally an event I would attend. I don't really feel I belong. Beside the fact that I'm slightly overweight and really lazy there are other aspects to consider. We have the crazy bronzed Belgium Blue-like body builders I can't help starring at, the super buff girls who frighten the bejesus out of me and the Fitness people who are a constant reminder of how out of shape I am. And on top of it all, most of the food freebies have added proteins in some form.

But if I can support a friend in his/hers endeavors I will drag my lazy behind to a Fitness Expo any day of the week.

My husband met our friend Peter at university. They were Phd-buddies. But Peter is not only a computer engineer, he is also freakishly strong. He's been doing Strongman competitions for quite some time and last year he was the second strongest man in Sweden. But everything must come to an end and yesterday he did his last Strongman competition at the Fitness Expo in Gothenburg. Luckily I was in town and could cheer him on.

Here is a picture of Peter, carrying 175 kg (386 lb) in each hand. Notice how the "bags" are constructed. In order to carry the "bags" he needs to lift his arms away from his body rather than letting them hang parallel to his body. And imagine 175 kg swinging and hitting your leg every time you take a step. I'm guessing he does not have the same struggle as I have when grocery shopping or when lifting a bag at baggage claim.

Here is another picture of Peter, now walking with an 415 kg (915 lb) yoke.

I had to leave the competition early so I'm not sure how it actually turned out. But regardless of the competition I'm damn impressed. If I ever need to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders I know exactly who to call.

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