Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 5 unforgettable moments

Dec 30: Top 5 revelations
Dec 31: Top 5 unforgettable moments

Happy New Year!!! It's time for me to present my final list. This year has offered many unforgettable moments, but these are the ones I'm most likely to remember (or last ones I will forget) when I grow old and scatterbrained.

1. Asia with Martin. The current trip to Taiwan, plus the bonus day in Beijing, will be truly unforgettable. I'm so happy to be able to show him my roots. I'm also happy he has met my grandmother (Skype is not exactly a substitute). We have spent a lot of quality time with my cousins and even though the language at times is a barrier it's a barrier easy to cross.

2. Grand Canyon with my parents. A few months ago my parents flew from Sweden to California for a visit. We did a lot of fun stuff, but most memorable was our trip to Grand Canyon. We flew from Vegas and got a fantastic arial view over the West Rim. After landing we hopped on a helicopter that took us down to the bottom of the Canyon. This was my favorite part! After the helicopter ride a boat was waiting to take us on a ride on the Colorado River. It was amazing!

3. Wedding drop-in. Martin and I got married last year, in October. We decided to have the wedding in Sweden. But we also wanted to celebrate with our friends in the US. So, on our 6 month anniversary as a married couple we hosted a wedding drop-in in our apartment. It was great! At times it got really crowded but gathering many of your friends at the same time is never a problem. All in all about 40 friends passed through our 730 square feet (68 kvm).

4. Allergy testing. Since moving to the US I've noticed how my allergies seems worse. I decided to get an allergy test. The result was far worse than I expected. Apparently I'm allergic to every species of everything, with the exception of foods, drugs, mold and cockroaches! The best option for me was to get allergy shots. The first few months I got 4 shots a week, then it got reduced to 2 shots a week and in a couple of months it will further reduce to two shots a month. Hopefully in 3-5 years I will be cured from my allergies or at least see some improvement. If nothing else these shots will have cured is my long phobia of shots and needles.

5. Susan and E's Las Vegas (re-)wedding. I've always wanted to attend a Vegas wedding. So when our close friends Susan and E decided to renew their vows at the Chapel of the Bells we were the first ones to report for duty. It was everything I imagined (except that the couple was sober and knew each other extremely well). Thank you, Susan and E for giving us a unforgettable moment!

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