Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 romantic moments

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Hm... romantic moments... there are plenty of romantic moments, but they are far from being as important as the things that lasts longer than a moment. Therefore I would like to dedicate this entry to my husband and his top 5 romantic gestures.

1. He understands and respects my relationships with my friends and family.
2. He supports me in my many endeavors, regardless of what nature they are. One day it can be running 5 km, another day it can be learning to belly dance. Or writing a blog.
3. He has enormous amount of patience and he brings balance and harmony into my life.
4. He surprises me. Sometimes with a gift, sometimes with encouragement and sometimes with a joke.
5. When it's cold outside, he lays on my side of the bed to keep it warm until I go to bed.

Btw, my husband just commented on this post. He had one word to say: Cheesy! It's a good thing he already has so many pluses, I just gave him a minus!

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